Auto Wrecker

Wrecked car after it was involved in a bad accidentHave you been in an accident and now you have a vehicle that is destroyed?

When you have a completely wrecked vehicle on your hands it is time to call your local auto wrecker. Car wreckers will still be interested in buying your damaged car.

As an auto wrecking yard we provide car dismantling and auto recycling services. Best of all ABCM Car Removals come to you and remove your vehicle free of charge.

Servicing Newcastle, Hunter and Central Coast Regions

When you need someone to come and pick up your wrecked vehicle in any of these areas, we have the solution for you.

By selling your car to an auto wrecker you don’t have to worry about making any repairs.

We bring all the paperwork when we come to pick up the vehicle and it does not matter if the vehicle is repairable or not running. We are experienced wreckers and car buyers.

The best thing of all is we make it easy as. Everything is handled quickly and often all in the same day. Cash is paid instantly!

So, if you need someone to handle your totaled vehicle with no hassle, contact ABCM Car Removal now.

Benefits of Choosing Us as Your Auto Wrecker

The benefits that you get from using ABCM Car Removal is the amount of cash you receive from your wrecked vehicle. As we salvage your vehicle for parts and recycle the scrap metal we can afford to pay you the best price for your car.

This means there is more money in your pocket as we only provide fair deals. Wondering what your wreck is worth? Give us a call now or use our online contact form.

No-one ever expects to get into an accident. But if you do there is an easy way to deal with your damaged car. Let ABCM Car Removal pick it up for you and get paid in the process. It is that simple.

What Happens To Your Wrecked Car?

As previously stated, the vehicle is either repaired or salvaged and recycled. It all depends on the extent of the damage of your wrecked vehicle. It will not however, be thrown in a landfill to pollute the earth.

Someone we buy vehicles with the the intention of dismantling it for parts to help repair other vehicles. Either way, the damaged vehicle will be put to some good use and provide benefits to those that need to use it.

All wrecked and damaged vehicles we buy are recycled in some form and this should give you peace of mind.

What Vehicles Do Auto Wreckers Purchase?

We are interested in all types of wrecked vehicles including: trucks, buses, 4WDs, vans, utes, SUVs and bikes. We buy them all.

Just let us know your vehicles make, model, age and its damage. Give us a call and get a quick cash offer over the phone.

We are waiting to deal with your wrecked vehicle and can be contacted anytime. Either call us on 0469 582 838 or complete the Online Enquiry Form.