Can Car Breakers Pay Cash For Cars?

Pile of damaged cars in a scrapyard

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Based in Newcastle we provide our car removal services in Hunter Region, Maitland and the surrounds. We specialise in car breaking and have many years of experience. Upon receiving your vehicle we dismantle or break (a gentler word) up your car for the parts for reselling or recycling purposes. We accept all vehicles in any condition.

Our technicians are always available to answer any queries that you may have. We will also accommodate your schedule and pick up your car at your most convenient time.

So… Can Car Breakers Pay Cash For Cars?

To put it simply – Yes!

At Newcastle Top Cash Car Removal, we will offer you a reasonable price for the non-functional vehicle.

We prefer to pay for cash and just like you, we like fast transactions.

No private buyer would be interested in buying a car that is not functional. But for us, we are not concerned about the condition of the vehicle. We are interested in paying the best price for your car, even if it is damaged beyond repair.

Here are some of the benefits of dealing with our car breaking cash for cars service:

No Waiting With Our Car Breakers

People who put up advertisements have to wait a while for responses. Some people may have a look at your car and turn it down immediately.

You are never sure whether the response you got from your advertisement will go through or not. But with our cash for cars car breaker service, it is an instant thing. We don’t care how wrecked it is, we want it the way it is. Payment will be made instantly as well, so that you may sort out your immediate needs if short in cash.

No Cost On your Side With Our Car Breakers

Dealing with individual buyers can be stressing at times. You got someone to buy your junk car, but have to incur other costs like towing. The buyer may also suggest some repairs be done before any purchase is made.

Towing charges plus repair costs are high. If you choose our car breakers as your buyer, though the car may be needing repairs, we don’t care. We will dismantle your car for parts anyway so it doesn’t matter if it is working or not.

We will even tow your car, free of charge. All you need to do is sell your junk to us.

We Handle The Paperwork

The legal processes will be sorted out by us. Imagine if you needed cash immediately, and you had to wait for legal paperwork to process. That would be hectic.

Instead we oversee that, in fact, all we need is proof of ownership and we are good to go. Contact us now for your free cash offer on your junk or unwanted car.

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