Car Removal For Cash

Remove, Recycle & Get Paid

You’ve probably heard it on the streets that you can  get top dollar if you want to have an old car removed from your garage. And you heard it right. 

ABCM Car Removal offers car removal services for free and pays you a handsome amount for it. If you have an old car rotting away, take this opportunity to save money on towing services, and even earn top cash for it.

Car Removal Service in Central Coast, Hunter & Newcastle

Choosing ABCM Car Removal to help with towing your old vehicle away anywhere in the Central Coast, Hunter & Newcastle areas is great for so many reasons. 

For the longest time we have helped vehicle owners across the region with disposing their no longer usable cars. For whatever reasons they have for wanting to get rid of their old cars, we have always been around to help with the disposal and even paid them handsomely for it.

Whether it’s:

  • An unwanted car that has reached the end of its drivable years
  • A car that has been totally wrecked from an accident
  • An old one that you may still trade in for value towards a new one
  • A worn down vehicle whose maintenance and repair costs are actually higher than its value

We have just the right removal solution for you.

Car Removal for Cash for All Vehicle Brands

Being one of Australia’s leading car removal services, we make it easy for vehicle owners to have their car towed. And we are not limited to certain vehicle brands.

We offer car removal for cash services in the Central Coast, Hunter & Newcastle areas for the following:

  • Ford
  • Holden
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • And every known motor vehicle brand in Australia

And if you think we limit our car removal for cash services to cars alone, don’t fret. Whether you own a sedan, hatchback, family car, van, truck, SUV, even a bus, we will solve your disposal problem for you. 

Why Should You Call ABCM Car Removal?

If you’re looking to get paid handsomely for a car that you have long wanted to get rid of, here’s why you should trust our car removal for cash services in Central Coast, Hunter & Newcastle:

Trusted Reputation

You won’t leave short-changed at all. We’re known to make sure that the car removal service we provide are done by highly trained experts. And that the amount we pay for your car is based on our keen inspection. 


We have years of providing car removal services across the Hunter, Newcastle and Central Coast regions that we have become the popular go-to place for people looking to dispose of their old and unwanted cars. 

Save & Earn For Simply Getting Rid of Your Car

If you just want to have it towed away, a regular towing service can cost you so much. But by coming to ABCM Car Removal, we won’t just tow it for free. We will even pay you handsomely for it.

What We Do With Your Unwanted Vehicle

You’re probably wondering what use we’ll have of a car that you already deemed useless. Well, it’s not worthless at all for us.

When we buy it from you, we bring it to our salvage yard to see whatever parts we can still save. They can be recycled and reused for other purposes. And the scrap metal, too. 

This way, you won’t just be able to earn money for removing an old car. You’ll also contributed to reducing land pollution by preventing scrap cars from ending up in landfills. 

Contact ABCM Car Removal Now

If you’re keen on disposing your old car at the soonest possible time, you may contact us today or fill out our contact form, so we can go over what you need.