Scrap Car Removals

There is a wide range of auto removal services provided by ABCM Car Removal. These services are provided across the Newcastle and Hunter region. The service is free and they pay top dollar for the vehicles as well as scrap metal. All removed vehicles and scrap metal are recycled for an environmentally friendly purpose.

It does not matter the condition of the vehicle that you need to be removed. It can be new, old, used, unwanted, scrap, damaged, broken or just plain junk. Let ABCM Car Removal handle your scrap vehicle removal needs. If you don’t have a car that you have that needs to be removed, maybe your neighbor has an eyesore that needs a new home.

Invite them for some coffee, talk to them about their vehicle and tell them you know a place where they can get paid to get rid of it. If they appreciate the information, they may even share the profits with you. Either way, it is a win-win. They get rid of their old car and you don’t have to look at it anymore.

All Vehicles Can Be Scrapped

The staff at ABCM are very polite and helpful. They will do all that they can to assist you with getting your unwanted car removed and pay you for it in the process. What kinds of vehicles do they remove? All types including 4WD, commercial vehicles, vans, utes, trucks and more. Our car scrappers can handle all your scrap vehicle removal needs. If we cannot assist you, we will be happy to direct you where the best place to have your vehicle removal needs to be met.

What is the Cost of Removing Scrap Cars

The cost of having a scrap car removed from your property is FREE. You pay absolutely nothing. If fact, you stand to get paid to have an old car removed from your property. Sometimes, you think that it would be too expensive to have this vehicle that has been sitting on your property or in the garage.

The value that you gain from having the scrap car removed is not only monetary but in space. You will now have a place to put something useful in the space that was once occupied by this old treasure known as your old vehicle. Think of the possibilities that you will get with opening up space that you have not had access to in years.

If it was on grass, you can probably plant a garden. If space was in the garage, then you can park your current operational vehicle there or create a new workspace. The possibilities are endless but you must get that scrap vehicle out of the way first.


The value that you gain from having your scrap vehicle removed would make a great story to share with your neighbors. They may become inspired to take advantage of the same service. The possibility of clearing your own property of an eyesore and then passing on the benefits to your neighbors can be priceless. Call ABCM today!