Sell Car to Scrap Yard in the Hunter Region

Pile of scrap cars in a junk yard

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Do you have a rusty, old, unwanted or obsolete car that only takes up space in your garage? Maybe your car has suffered an accident and is beyond repair or totally written-off?

What if I said that a certain scrap yard company will not only relieve you from your unwanted car for free but will even pay decent money for it?

ABCM Car Removal is the scrap yard company where such offers occur on a daily basis.

ABCM Car Removal – the car removal company, where miracles come true! Same day, free car removal and highest money which is paid to you, the car’s owner!

We are a professional scrapyard company with more than ten years of experience in car removal and disposal. We provide services all across the Hunters Region including Belmont.

Leave the problem of your unwanted car to us!

Relieve yourself from the hassle of trying to sell your scrap vehicle. Contact us to get the highest price for your junk car and we even do all the needed paperwork for you!

We take not only cars but other types of vehicles as well, for example, trucks, cars, bikes, utes, 4x4s and so on. We will not only relieve you from your old and wasted vehicle absolutely for free but we also pay you a high price up to $8,999.

Why Should You Sell Your Car to Our Scrapyard?

  1. We always offer highest rates possible for our clients. Speaking of which… Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Maitland, Toronto, Cessnock and the Central Coast provide the best possible prices you can get.
  2. We don’t care about the condition of the vehicle. If it is a vehicle, we’re definitely going to take it, whether it’s in pieces or whole, new or old, utterly destroyed or not, burnt, drowned etc. The better the condition is – the better the price will be for your car.
  3. All the required paperwork will be prepared by us. All you will need to show us is your Passport, Photo ID or drivers license and vehicle ownership proof.
  4. Our polite, courteous and friendly team are always ready to assist you. We do all the hard and heavy work that is needed to be done with your car.
  5. No hassles. We work every day of the week, daily and nightly with no vacations or holidays. Always here and always available for you.
  6. We value YOU. We look up to you as our client. Your interests are our top priority.

Here is How The Sell Car to Scrap Yard Process Works

At first, you need to contact us and describe the matter. You should tell us the condition of your vehicle as it affects price estimation.

Second, one of our units will arrive and do a quick inspection of your car. Then the price is given to you and when you’re satisfied, you sign all the necessary papers and get paid. And then the car is taken by our men.

And this is pretty much it.

Here is a List of our Services

ABCM Car Removal:

  • Buys old and junk cars
  • Buys scrap and unwanted vehicles
  • Provides cash for cars
  • Provides car disposal

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