Unwanted Car Removal

Unwanted cars can be a headache to dispose. At ABCM Car Removal we specialize in unwanted car removals. You need not worry about how to get rid of that unwanted vehicle.

Finding the best buyer for your scrap car can be an arduous task. At ABCM Car Removal we provide unparalleled, convenient, free, and fast services.

Why Use ABCM Car Removal Services?

Our services come with extra advantages including;

We pay you cash to dispose your car!

We will actually pay you to take away your problem!

Flexible rates

Our company is flexible when it comes to paying for your scrap car. We allow you to negotiate the price according to the market rates and your expectations. Our aim is for you to get the fairest price for your unwanted car.

Free services

Apart from paying you cash for your unwanted car, we shall remove the unwanted car free of charge. This way, you will not have to worry about the towing costs.

We Cover a wide area

With our main offices in Newcastle, we provide our services across the entire region of Port Stephens extending to the North, out west, all the way to Cessnock, and across Central Coast in the South.

Trained, experienced and friendly personnel

We incorporate trained and experienced staff in our company to ensure that all duties are conducted with utmost professionalism and expertise. Our teams are also trained in quality customer relations and you can be sure to have a friendly crew handling your car removal.

We provide services for ANY car

Choosing us guarantees you unwanted car removals whether the car can be repaired or not. This means that if your car was involved in an accident and completely written off, we shall still buy it and offer you cash according to the market price ratings.

We will handle all your paperwork

Additionally, you do not have to worry about any paperwork as our team will take care of all that. Forget about the hassle of searching for buyers on the open market or even online where potential service providers may not be efficient enough. Contact us through our enquiry channels and we shall be more than glad to serve you appropriately.

Other Benefits of Using Our Unwanted Car Removal Services

At ABCM Car Removal services, we will ensure that we clear all the clutter from your home. We are interested in leaving your home neat!

Our staff are always keen not to raise any unnecessary racket during the whole process. We respect your neighbours too!

Selling off your unwanted car will enable recycling companies to reprocess the scrap metal which is a plus for the environment.


Many unwanted car owners may be tempted to browse the internet looking for buyers with the best offers. While they may find some, the whole process can come with unforeseen complications such as additional expenses which the seller may not have anticipated.

Do some thorough due diligence before contacting any unwanted car removal services. This will help you to compare prices and quality of service and eventually you will hire the company with the best deal.

Contact us today for the best deals in unwanted car removals.