We Pay Cash for Cars

Having an old dysfunctional vehicle sitting in the garage is an unnecessary inconvenience. At ABCM Car Removal, we can help you get out of this predicament by towing your vehicle conveniently and you benefitting from it!

We Pay Cash for Cars

Engaging us will benefit you because we pay cash for cars no matter their condition. In addition, we specialize in all vehicle makes and models. Whether you have a truck, 4WD, an SUV, a Toyota, or even a Land Cruiser, we shall give you satisfactory services.

We Allow You to Negotiate the Price

Our pay depends on the reigning market rates. However, we give you an opportunity to negotiate the price. Our customers are important and we value them, and that is why we ensure that you get the best value from your scrap car.

We Come to your Premises

By working with ABCM Car Removal, you shall not worry about transporting or delivering your unwanted car to our premises. We have experts servicing various regions, and they will come and tow the vehicle from your location. What’s more, our staffs are experienced, qualified, and licensed to carry out unwanted car towing services.

Tips for Your Unwanted Car Removal Services

  • Before settling for an unwanted car removal company, be vigilant to avoid falling victim to shady companies.
  • Understand that prices may vary from one service provider to the other. Compare different providers and choose the one with the best offer. Make sure to discuss the condition of your car with your provider.
  • Ensure you have documentation to prove vehicle ownership. This is important as the service providers want to avoid any illegal dealings.
  • Sell your unwanted car to a company as opposed to doing it privately. Searching for an ideal buyer independently can be challenging. However, a reputable company will take care of everything. Additionally, most companies have special equipment for removing your car safely and as legally required.


ABCM Car Removal incorporates the services of qualified and experienced staff to handle all your unwanted car removal requirements. We shall pay you cash for your car and recommend professional methods of disposing off your car.

Contact us today for the best car removal services.