Remove My Car

Unwanted cars can consume lots of space in your garage. This is why it is important to dispose off any vehicles you no longer use. However, disposing them can be an arduous task, and finding the right service provider to do the work is challenging.

Looking for the Ideal Company to Remove My Car?

While you may be tempted to dispose the vehicle independently, this comes with various difficulties. Is it possible to remove my car with the numerous legalities I need to process? Finding the best company to tow away your car is recommended, as doing it independently can be challenging.

While searching for an unwanted car removal service provider, ensure to carry out due diligence to avoid getting ripped off by scam companies.

We Accept All Cars

You can make money from your scrap car regardless of its condition. At ABCM Car Removal, we accept all vehicles regardless of their model and make. Contact us via our phone numbers whether you have a Land Cruiser, Toyota, minivan, or a truck.

Determine the Value of your Vehicle

While our prices depend on the reigning market rates, we are flexible and allow you to negotiate to ensure that you get the best value for our vehicle. Remember, many factors can influence the price such as; the condition of the vehicle at the point of sale, make and model, year of manufacture, and mileage. Still, you can compare prices from other service providers before deciding how much you want to receive.

Contact Us Anytime

Today, increased demand for service delivery has revolutionized how companies interact with their customers. This is why we are available 24/7 to enable you to reach us any time of the day or when it is convenient for you.

We Come to You

Do not worry about transporting your unwanted car to our yard. We shall come to you and tow away the vehicle conveniently. You can discuss your vehicle removal preferences with our team of experts.

If you want to remove some spare parts from your vehicle you are welcome to. Just ensure you tell our team what has been removed to ensure we provide you with an accurate cash offer as this will affect our purchase price.


ABCM Car Removal shall pay you cash instantly on removing your vehicle. We have the right equipment to remove and tow your scrap car away. We shall take care of all documentations so you can relax and receive top cash for your unwanted car.