Auto Wreckers Beresfield

If you live in Beresfield or in a nearby area and are looking for automotive wrecking services, then ABCM Car Removal is the company for you. We offer various types of services to our customers, such as buying your unwanted vehicles, removing them, automotive wrecking and disposing of vehicles.

We Buy All Types of Vehicles

If you are worried that we only accept cars, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. We accept all types of vehicles, be they cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, 4WDs and even Utes.

We’ll buy your vehicle off you. Whether you have a:

  • small compact car
  • large station wagon
  • truck of any size (yes, any size)
  • vans with sliding doors, storage racks or even seats
  • 4 wheel drives
  • the popular SUVs
  • any type of Ute

And if you’re worried about your vehicle’s age or condition, don’t be. We will buy your car, truck, van, whatever it may be – no matter what its condition.

And the best part? We pay you cash right away. All you need to do is call us and we will come to where you are. Our experts will assess your vehicle and give you a very fair offer for it. If you accept our offer, we’ll pay you right then and there – in cash. There’s no waiting period, or confirmation or any other formality that you need to undergo. It’s that simple.

We Also Remove Your Vehicles

We offer our customers end-to-end services. Just buying the vehicle is not the end of the transaction. We delight our customers by also removing said vehicle from their premises – free of cost. Our expert tow truck drivers are experienced in moving all types of vehicles, not matter what their size and condition.

You don’t need to do anything at all.

Wrecking Services

There are times when, unfortunately, vehicles are involved in accidents. When this happens, the services of a wrecking company are usually required, either to get spare parts for repair-work or, if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, to sell it to the wrecking company.

Either way, we can be of service to you in such a difficult time. We not only offer our customers the best quality spare parts but we also offer excellent prices if they need to sell their wrecked vehicles.

Vehicle Disposal

Buying an unwanted vehicle and removing it from the premises of a customer or the site of an accident is just a part of the process that takes place. We also need to ensure that the vehicles are disposed of in a safe and responsible way.

Vehicles, especially damaged or old ones, can be a danger to the environment. It is our job to ensure that the parts that can be recycled are saved, either for scrap metal or as spare parts. It is also our job to ensure that the fluids in these vehicles, which can be toxic, are disposed of safely.

Therefore, if you are in and around Beresfield and need our help, just call or text ABCM Car Removals and we will be there to assist you.