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Car Disposal - How To Dispose A Vehicle In NSW

In New South Wales car disposal refers to selling, otherwise known as disposing of your vehicle.

After you have made the sale or disposal, you are required by law to submit a Notice of Disposal either online at or at an NSW Service Centre.

Yellow For Sale sign on blue car bonnet.

When Should A Car Be Disposed?

First, we need to be clear that disposal of a vehicle refers to transferring the ownership from yourself as the current owner to the new owner.

Until you complete the notice of disposal your details will still be tied to the vehicle as part of the vehicle registration.

When the motor registry has your details on the vehicle's registration, you will be liable for penalty infringements. Even if new ones occur whilst the new owner has possession of the vehicle.

As well as the risks of receiving fines that should not belong to you, if you take longer than 14 days from the date you sold your car to submit your notice of disposal, you will also encounter a late fee.

Hence it is important you submit the notice of disposal as soon as you sell or dispose of your vehicle.

Buyer and seller shaking hands in front of Sold sign on vehicle that has just been bought.

Who Can You Sell A Vehicle To?

The new owner of your can be another person, which normally happens when you sell your vehicle privately.

Or it may be a company, which is the case when you sell your car to a dealership as a trade-in, or to a cash for cars company.

When cars succumb to their end of life many of us think they hold no value and hence think they should be thrown away.

But there are better alternatives to sending a scrap car to a landfill. That is where car removal and cash for cars companies come into play.

Car removal and cash for cars companies are usually owned by or work in partnership with wreckers. They buy cars for scrapping purposes to recycle scrap metal and spare parts.

Lots of second hand cars in used car lot.

Car Disposal With A Wrecker

When most people talk about disposing of an item, they refer to throwing it in the rubbish bin. So when these same people talk about disposing of a car, they are often talking about how to get rid of a scrap car.

Of course, you can't throw a car in the trash, so you may be thinking "how do I dispose of my car?"

A wrecker if the best place to get rid of unwanted junk cars. Even the oldest and the seemingly worthless vehicle still holds some value. This value is in the resalable working parts or just the weight of scrap metal to scrap metal dealers.

Hence when you offer your vehicle to a wrecker they will most likely offer you some cash value for it. By choosing to sell or even donate your vehicle to a wrecker you can be confident that the car will not rot in a landfill.

Instead, it will be dismantled and recycled. Giving new parts for older cars that need repair and enabling large amounts of metal to re-enter the steel industry for the production of new materials.

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