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What Happens To Salvage Cars In Australia

Salvage cars are known as vehicles that have suffered extensive damage to the point of being classified as a total loss by insurance companies.

What happens to these cars depends on when it is classified as salvage.

Sometimes the insurance company will deem a car a write-off and allow the owner to keep possession of it. Other times they will hold the totaled vehicle and sell it at a salvage auction to recover some costs.

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Cash For Salvage Cars

For the owners of salvage cars often wonder if they can sell their car, and how much it is worth.

These vehicles are normally considered scrap so the only person interested in buying them will be a wrecker. And the price will be based on the current prices of scrap metal from dealers.

So yes it is possible to sell a salvage car for cash not at auction. All you need to do if find a local wrecker that buys scrap cars.

Different Junk Cars On A Scrapyard

Should I Buy A Salvage Car?

As mentioned, normally only wreckers are interested in buying salvage cars. They do this to dismantle the vehicle for spare parts and scrap metal which can be recycled.

For the average consumer to purchase a salvage car it would not really make financial sense. Unless of course, the vehicle was a rare or collectible vehicle that was being sold undervalue.

While this is possible, you would need to scour the vehicle auctions and pay close attention to all lots, not just the salvage lots as these vehicles could show up anywhere. But it may be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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Recycling & New Life

The only way a salvaged car will get a new life is when its parts are resold and recycled. This is why they are typically only purchased by auto dismantlers.

So if you have a wrecked vehicle this will be the best thing you can do.

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