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Google Rating

4.0 ★★★★

Based on 70 reviews

Mazda Wreckers

Sell your car to our wreckers. We come to you, pay top cash and provide free towing to our scrapyard.
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Mazda has been selling cars in the country since the 1960s, so we know that a lot of you out there have Mazda cars just lying around collecting dust (or rust).

These unwanted cars are taking up valuable space on your property, and you may be looking to get rid of them. You’re in luck as we are local Mazda wreckers.

Simply put, we’ll give you cash for Mazda cars. If you live in Newcastle or the surrounding areas, then you have yourself a deal.

We are known as the best car wreckers in the area so it’s always a win-win situation. If you thought there’s no way you’d be able to get rid of that old Mazda vehicle, now is the right time to do so.

Call on us to sell your old Mazda or visit us for spare parts.

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We Buy Mazda Cars

Convert your unwanted Mazda vehicle into cold hard cash. Our car buyers want your car, no matter the condition.
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Mazda Auto Salvage, Parts & Spares

Who we are and what do we do? We are ABCM Car Removal, the top Mazda car wreckers in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

Your old Mazda vehicle might just be wasting space and we want to solve that problem of yours. You’ll also benefit from cash in the process.

You may have an old MX-5 laying around and we want it. Whatever the condition of the car and whatever parts it may have, we will buy them. Plus, you’ll get a free Mazda car removal service to boot.

That’s just one side of our operations. What do we do to the cars after we purchase them from you? We do a lot with your old rundown vehicle.

Did you know that about 90% of a wrecked car’s parts can be recycled and used as spares? Of course, you’d have to have the skills and the patience like we do, not to mention the right equipment and tools to successfully recycle a car.

We also take advantage of a car’s tyres, batteries, auto glass, steel, iron, transmission, radiator, rubber hoses, car seats, carpets, seatbelts, mats, and even something as small as an oil filter.

That’s why we also welcome those who are looking for old Mazda spare parts to contact us or visit our scrap yard. We might just have the right spare part for your vehicle.

Mazda Spare Parts

Looking for spare parts for your old or damaged Mazda? We sell spares and wreck various models, including CX-7s and BT-50s.
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Sell Your Old Mazda to the Wreckers

Let’s get down to business! As mentioned, we will buy your Mazda car no matter its model or the condition that it’s in. Smashed windows, missing headlights, broken doors, it doesn’t matter.

How does the process work? Really simple.

All you need to do is to call, email, or text us together with the make and model of your vehicle. Just be sure to include any pertinent information, like its condition and any issues.

We’ll then reach out to you with an offer. Once you’ve accepted our offer, we can arrange a time for our tow truck to remove the automobile from your premises, often within the same day.

But, of course, not before paying you in cash on the spot.

We are certain that no one else in Newcastle will offer you a better deal for your used, old, or beat-up Mazda than us. So, let’s make a deal now.

Cash for Mazda Vehicles

Got an old Mazda just sitting around? Turn that waste of space into cash in no time! No matter the condition, we want your car.
Free Valuation

Now Wrecking All Models

Have a Mazda 2, 3, 6, BT-50, CX-3, CX-5, CX-7, MX-5, or any other model laying around, then call us for a free valuation today.

We’re the top Mazda car wreckers in Newcastle and can use any vehicle for spare parts, disposal or recycling.

It’s not just Mazda cars that we wreck, either. We’ll also pay you cash for other car and truck models and makes. We will buy your junk or unwanted vans, SUVs, and 4x4s too!

We are fully licensed auto wreckers who can take your car off your hands in no time. Instead of letting that car rot in your garage, why don’t you make some money out of it?

We’re ready to pick up your vehicle today. Call us now!

We will offer you a deal and once you agree, we pay you top cash. This includes free car removal and towing all the way to our scrap yard.

The Ultimate Mazda Car Wreckers

Sell your old Mazda vehicle today or gain Mazda spare parts. Our removal process is easy & our payment methods are lightning fast!
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