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Google Rating

4.0 ★★★★

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Nissan Wreckers

Sell your Nissan to our Newcastle wreckers. We have plenty of Nissan spare parts available for sale.
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Looking to get rid of your old Nissan? ABCM Car Removal is here to help. 

Whether your Nissan was totalled beyond repair in a horrible accident, or you're simply tired of shelling out your hard-earned cash to repair it, we'll buy your Nissan for cold, hard cash, and we'll even tow it away for free. 

No cars are turned away at ABCM Car Removal, and we want to put instant cash in your wallet, today. Give us a call and ask about same-day car removal if you're ready to kick your Nissan to the curb. 

Then once onsite we dismantle your vehicle for spare parts sales. This gives you access to second hand genuine parts art a fraction of the cost of new.

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Nissan Spares Wrecker

Need a spare part for your Nissan? We wreck all models including Pulsar, Skyline, Pajero, Navara and more.
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We Collect Nissan Vehicles in NSW

Nissan has been one of the top car manufacturers in Australia for decades.

While that goes to show the brand's reputation within the Australian market, it also means there are a lot of broken-down, worthless Nissans in need of recycling. 

At ABCM Car Removal, we do just that. 

We have an in-house towing team with professional drivers who will pick up your old or totalled Nissan free of charge. This is regardless of its model or condition. If it's a Nissan, we'll pick it up. 

More importantly, we don't want your car for free like other scrappers. We'll pay you a hefty sum for the right to take your car.

This sum is based on the recycling value of your car, and we payout in cold, hard cash before we take the car away. 

All you need to sell your car to ABCM Car Removal is proof of ownership and a bit of time set aside for us to hook it up to our tow truck. 

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Free Nissan Removal

We come to you and remove all makes and models of cars, trucks, 4WDs, etc. Damaged automobile? No worries. Contact us.
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Now Wrecking All Nissan Models

The make, model, and condition of your Nissan aren't relevant when you sell it to ABCM Car Removal. 

We accept Nissans that are completely totalled from major accidents, rust buckets that will never run again, and even cars that are just annoying to keep repairing. 

We also take all models of Nissan cars. Including the popular Nissan Navara, X-Trail, Qashqai, Leaf, Pulsar, 370z Coupe, Juke & Skyline

Regardless of what make or model, your Nissan is, or what condition it's in, we'll tow it away and pay you cash for it. 

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Sell Your Nissan for Cash

Convert your unwanted vehicle into cold hard cash. Our car buyers want your car, no matter the condition.
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Auto Dismantlers & Spare Part Sales

Since we're constantly bringing in Nissans of all makes and models, and pulling their salvageable parts for resale, ABCM Car Removal is also your go-to spot for spare Nissan parts

Whether you need a new side panel, bumper, fuel injector, or anything else, you can find it on our shelves and buy it for a fraction of the cost at a big-box parts dealer. 

All our parts are inspected by professionals to ensure they're in peak condition and suitable for installation on your vehicle. 

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Service Areas

Based in Newcastle, we service all surrounding suburbs and regions including Lake Macquarie, Hunter, Central Coast, Maitland, Cessnock and more.
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Best Wreckers in Newcastle

If you have a totalled or otherwise useless Nissan sitting around, don't let it keep rusting away. Call the professional auto wreckers at ABCM Car Removal. 

We'll tow your Nissan away at no charge to you, and we'll even put instant cash in your wallet before we take it away. 

Need to scrap another vehicle? We provide the same wrecking services for Subaru & other brands too.

All you need to get started is proof of ownership and a pickup time that works for you. So, what are you waiting for? Call ABCM Car Removal, today!

Offload Your Nissan Or Gain Spare Parts

Dispose of your vehicle easily. We come to you, pay cash for your unwanted car and remove it free of charge. We then strip it for parts and spares.
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