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Selling An Unregistered Car In NSW

Selling a car that is unregistered or when its registration is expired, can be a bit of a pain in NSW. 

Dealers are highly unlikely to accept unregistered cars as trade-ins, and private buyers may be sceptical if you can't provide an up-to-date registration certificate with a valid signature.

When your car is unregistered, your options for selling it become limited as not too many people want to buy a vehicle that is not roadworthy.

However, there are a couple of options that will take your unregistered vehicle as long as you're able to show you have the right to sell it. They are either at a salvage auction to selling to an auto wrecker. 

Unregistered Car

How To Sell Your Unregistered Car To An Auto Wrecker

Selling your car, registered or not, to an auto wrecker is extremely easy. In the case of it being unregistered, it may also be your only option. 

To start, you must find an auto wrecker serving your local area. At ABCM Car Removal, we serve a large portion of NSW, and our reputation is top-notch. So, try to start with us. 

A good auto wrecker will offer free car removal, generous payouts based on your car's recycling value, and of course, high-quality customer service. Keep that in mind while you're searching. 

Once you've found an auto wrecker you're comfortable with, you're usually just a phone call away from getting rid of your car. 

Junk Cars On A Scrapyard

Determining The Value of Your Vehicle

On the phone, you'll be asked about the details of your car to help the auto wrecker generate a quote, when and where you can schedule a meetup, and whether you can prove you have ownership of the vehicle.

Then, you will be presented with an offer to buy which may be open to negotiation.

Once you've settled the details over the phone, the auto wrecker will meet you at your property, or wherever else you decided to schedule your meeting, and they'll begin evaluating your car to ensure your description was accurate.

This only takes a few moments, and it's not that in-depth. The evaluator just wants to verify the vehicle is the one that was agreed on.

If everything is as described, you can present the car's registration papers with the former owner's signature, or the renewal notice if you simply never re-registered your vehicle, and this will be enough to prove you own the vehicle. 

Finally, the auto wrecker will hand you a fistful of cash or initiate an instant bank transfer, hook your car up to the tow truck, and take it away for free!

Selling your automobile is easy when you choose a company such as ABCM Car Removal. It can sometimes all be done the same day you call. 

Car buyer paying notes of money to seller for agreed price,

Sell Your Unregistered Car, Today

When it comes to the best way of selling your car, you can check out this article. But for unregistered cars, you have limited options.

However, as you can see, it's not difficult to sell an unregistered car if you take the right steps and choose the right auto wrecker. If you're a little confused as to who you should pick, try us. 

ABCM Car Removal has served the NSW area for years, and we've built a long-standing relationship with the NSW community due to our unmatched performance and customer service. 

If you're looking to sell an unregistered car or any junker, give us a call today.

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